What is Journey Through Matthew?

Journey Through Matthew (JTM) is a 9-month journey through the whole book of Matthew (September 5th 2018 through May 2019). This is a scripture led bible study. We study both the Old Testament (Hebrew scriptures) and the New Testament. Much time is given to looking at the Word of God.


This is our third year of walking through a whole book in the bible. Previously we studied: The Gospel of John and Hebrews.

The bible study is led by Richard and Katherine Martin and trusted friends. Participants are encouraged to use their talents and gifts. A typical evening is one and a half hours long and begins with a Welcome and a word of encouragement. We then often sing a hymn or listen to some appropriate music. After which, we study the bible for about 45 mins. A teaching (20 mins.) is usually prepared and given by one of the JTM teachers.

The aim of the teaching is to encourage us, to challenge us spiritually, to learn new things about God and know how to practically apply scripture today. The heart of JTM is discipleship.

This then leaves us about 15 mins. for discussions, Q and A, prayer times or socializing.

The distinguishing features of a Journey Through Matthew bible study, include: mixed groups, men and women, older and young, married, single, divorced, widowed, personal prayer times and refreshments like coffee, water, fruit and cake. And there is no homework!

Throughout the year, we have a couple of parties and participants often form good relationships and friendships outside of the bible study.

We look forward to seeing you. Come along and join us. You are welcome.

Richard J. Martin


Crossroads Fellowship
2721 E. Millbrook Road, Raleigh, NC 27604

Room 751 North Entrance – (Previously 734)


Wednesday evenings
6:30 – 8:00 pm


Please see our Dates page for a list of our meeting dates.